Hi, I'm Jo

I'm a financial fitness instructor for women just like you.

So perhaps before I go any further, I had better explain what a financial fitness instructor does. Well, I create systems and processes to deal with financial stuff like accounts, tax, savings and debt elimination, along with creating mindset shifts in relation to money so that you can head towards financial freedom.


During that time I also qualified as a financial adviser and developed an all round package to my clients, linking their personal and business financials.

And now?  well now I use those skills to help women in business put together their own money plan, I teach them a basic understanding of preparing your own accounts and tax return (which you should really understand even if you outsource your bookkeeping).

Despite my education in financial matters, when it came to money I've had some real issues.  Oh boy, my money story was not a happy one.  So I understand if you are ashamed of your money mistakes or have become scared to deal with financial matters.  I share various parts of my story in my teachings.

The key was not education of the fundamentals as I had this more than covered, but was all to do with mindset.  Once I learned to clear my blocks and limiting beliefs then my money story turned into one that had a happy ending.  I know teach the techniques I learned on upgrading my money mindset in my coaching programs.

I'm a mix of the practical stuff, with a big doze of woo woo added in.  So if that sounds good to you then please fill out the contact form, or if you just want to say hi then head over to my Facebook page.