Affirmations – Do They Work?

Do Affirmations Work?

The idea of affirmations sounds great, just repeat positive statements, and you can improve your life. However, you might wonder whether the concept of affirmations is whimsical rather than realistic. After all, how could the amazing results some say they’ve had stem from inspiring words said with confidence? Nonetheless, studies show the content of your mind makes a difference to how happy you are; so think happy thoughts, and the chances are you will be joyful.


But what about abundance?

Some people formulate affirmations about gaining wealth, or an abundance of something else, like love or work. Surely, thinking about these matters can’t make your wishes come true? If all you need to do is imagine prosperity building, why aren’t you a millionaire?

Nonetheless, plenty of people report success after using affirmations. Could it be that setting your mind to meet success widens your perspective, so you’re open to recognising opportunities?

Of course, those who believe in affirmations also believe in the law of attraction, which states that you attract what is closest to your vibration, or way of thinking. Indeed, evidence that this is probable can be seen in your life already. You appeal to others with a similar mindset, and what you think about is drawn to you.

Science confirms that everything is made of energy; even the energy of thought is identifiable, and your thoughts travel outside your body. Research also reveals that matter changes position until someone gazes at it, when it temporarily keeps still, proving that you can change reality with observation.

Adding weight to the idea that the law of attraction works, researcher, Dr. Emoto discovered that thought could physically alter the properties of water. Beautiful thoughts create beautiful water crystals, while unkind thoughts do the opposite. In other words, your thoughts have the power to create physical changes outside you.


What do you think?

You might not realise it, but you create affirmations all the time. You have repetitive thoughts, some good, and some bad. Your brain, though, doesn’t only choose the most positive thoughts you produce to work on; it’s less selective. In fact, it is not selective at all. ┬áNegative affirmations are given as much attention as those that are optimistic.

Choose to create thoughts about what you like and want, rather than what you dislike and don’t want. If you have any doubts about whether they work, examine the content of your mind and see how it correlates with your level of satisfaction. The chances are, positive content equates to pleasure, while pessimistic rumination brings less enjoyable results.

Affirmations work, but you have to believe in them enough to carry them out frequently, with conviction. Not only will positive statements change the neural connections in your brain, but they also might influence your environment and what you attract into your life.

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