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6 Ways to Boost Your Mindset to Avoid Burnout

Mindset is key to getting to grips with most issues, whether it’s money matters, losing weight or ensuring the creative juices flow. It’s equally true of managing your workload when you run your own business. When you get into a slump, then it’s time to act and boost your mindset to that you avoid burn-out. […]

Money Management – The Core Concepts

Sound money management is achieved through getting to grips with your business and personal finances combined with having the right mindset.   So where do you start? Take Responsibility You alone are responsible for your finances.  It’s okay to ask for help, but you need to do your utmost to understand your finances at a basic […]

Affirmations – Do They Work?

Do Affirmations Work? The idea of affirmations sounds great, just repeat positive statements, and you can improve your life. However, you might wonder whether the concept of affirmations is whimsical rather than realistic. After all, how could the amazing results some say they’ve had stem from inspiring words said with confidence? Nonetheless, studies show the […]

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Manage Burnout

  Burnout is a real threat, just ask anyone who has suffered in the past. It can rob an entrepreneur of their drive and cause them to make decisions detrimental to the future of their business. What was once your dream becomes just another thing you have to deal with. Fortunately, there are things you […]

Manage Your Mindset, Manage Your Money

Our past shapes who we are now. Growing up, we learn the attitudes, habits and mindset of our parents or those who care for us. We often decide that we’re going to make our own path through life and discard what they have taught us, but those lessons still surface at times. When it comes […]