6 Ways to Boost Your Mindset to Avoid Burnout

6 Ways to Boost Your Money Mindset

Mindset is key to getting to grips with most issues, whether it’s money matters, losing weight or ensuring the creative juices flow. It’s equally true of managing your workload when you run your own business. When you get into a slump, then it’s time to act and boost your mindset to that you avoid burn-out.

So today, I’m sharing my top six ways to recharge or boost your mindset instantly, especially when you are in an entrepreneurial slump.

1. Brain Dump

Often the feeling of being overwhelmed comes from a lack of clarity on the way forward, or too many ideas whirling around in your head. If you suspect that this is the case, then carry out a brain dump of everything you must do or potential plan for the future.

Take out your journal or notebook and list everything that comes to mine. You should do this for at least 10 minutes. In fact, it’s a great idea to do this exercise on a regular basis.

2. Gratitude!

This is one of the easiest ways to start feeling fabulous about your business and your life. Get into the habit of thinking about, and writing in your journal, all the things that you already have going for you. Everything that’s awesome right now but also all the things that have gone well in the past.

Remember all your past successes and remind yourself that you can have such achievements again.

The key to a mindset for success is to spend your time dwelling on your success to date. Success breeds more success. If you spend your time dwelling on what you don’t have or your failures, you’ll produce more failures and lack.

3. Take a break!

Get positive about your situation by taking a break. This break can be taking an hour off to recharge your batteries or spend a day shopping, playing golf or relaxing at a spa.
Give yourself a chance to miss the work and give your mind a chance to think about other things, or to think about nothing at all!

4. Invest in yourself

It’s not frivolous to spend money on yourself. It’s essential. I swear by regular massages or reflexology. Your mind and body are connected, and this is something we often overlook. If you want your mind to be healthy, then you need to take care of your body too.

5. Invest in your business

Think of things that can help you achieve your success. These could be things that you think are too expensive or that it’s not just the right time and do it! I’m not encouraging you to spend money that you don’t have, but you neither dismiss something because you believe it to be out of your grasp.

Maybe it’s some photographs for your website. A full photoshoot might be out of the question just now, but instead of doing nothing, explore the options of what you can afford. A few new headshots would be cheaper and might serve you well in upgrading your website.

This becomes a win-win situation. You will receive the thing that you were after, i.e. the new photographs for your website, but you are also acquiring an improved mindset. You are affirming to your subconscious mind that you believe in your business enough to invest money in it.

6. Share your expertise

This is again a win-win scenario. You get to share your expertise, and you get the good karma by helping someone. If you can, then help with a local charity on a regular basis.